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The Secret to Happy Travel

The Secret to Happy Travel

Every once in a while, it’s nice to treat yo’ self to a little bit of extra luxury when it comes to travelling – especially flying. I’m no stranger to a budget airline and will happily continue to utilise them, but sometimes when you’re headed somewhere extra special, you just want to feel that exciting princess feeling to really amp up the holiday vibe, you know what I mean?

As you may have noticed on the ol’ Instagram, I’ve been back and forth to Germany a few times recently – I think I’ve seen the KLM air stewardesses more often than my closest friends – and along the way added in a little treat here and there. The first was to indulge in a little business class on my way to Berlin, which included priority security access and boarding, a larger, comfier chair and all the snacks my greedy heart could desire – naturally, I opted for some bubbles to celebrate the occasion, even though it was 6am – which had me happy as a clam right from take-off.

aspire airport lounge

The second was to check out the Aspire Lounge at Bristol Airport on my way to Hamburg, which was such a pleasant way to start the morning compared to my normal airport experience (I am not a morning person).

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main departures hall, the lounge was a peaceful haven of comfy armchairs, power sockets for a cheeky charge, and a buffet of complimentary reading material to keep you occupied before your flight.

aspire airport lounge aspire airport lounge

The main affair was the breakfast spread, which guests were encouraged to help themselves to, and offered warm, crusty bacon rolls, omelettes, pastries, and cereals, as well as complimentary teas, coffees, and juices.

Also available were a wide range of beers, wines, and spirits, and tempting as it was to help myself to a swift G&T, at 4am I decided it would be wise not to indulge – mainly for the judging eyes I felt on me while stood considering it at the fridge to be honest, than anything else. What is it about going away on a trip that suddenly makes you want to drink at ridiculous times of the morning?

aspire airport lounge aspire airport lounge

Especially helpful if you’re a grouchy goblin (read: me) when you have to fly in the mornings, I’d recommend booking into the lounge if only to escape the crowds and have a little quiet time with a bacon buttie and a gossip mag until you’re more approachable. I’ll certainly be considering a visit again in the future!

So, the much sought after secret to happy travel? To just treat yourself like the prinny you are, dahhhhh-ling!

Aspire Airport Lounge access provided complimentary, but all words and opinions my own.

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