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  • 3 Weekend Breaks to Take This Autumn

    autumn weekend breaks

    Attention snugglebunnies – Autumn is upon us! My fave season of them all, packed with events round the bonfire, crunchy leaves underfoot, and the excuse to stay wrapped up in cosy jumpers for months as the Winter chill starts creeping in. I always love to visit new cities at this time of year, snuggled in a chunky hat and scarf and ready to explore in the super pretty Autumn light. Summer can suck it – it ain’t got nothing on pumpkin and fireworks! I’ve kicked off the season discovering a couple of new places, as well as an old fave, so here’s the highlights if you’re an Autumn Adventurer too!

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  • A Postcard from Pena National Palace

    a postcard from pena - annie-bishop.com

    I’m writing this post to you today from bed in our tiny Airbnb apartment, bundled in blankets and scoffing a McD’s (unhygienic eating situation I know, don’t judge) simply because I’m too freezing to move anywhere else after today’s adventure. I’m talking a cold that’s deep down in your bones after a REALLY cold day, […]