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  • Fantastic Festiveness And Where To Find It

    Frankfurt Christmas Market

    If there’s anywhere in the world that really knows how to do Christmas right, I’ve always felt that the Germans have got it down to a fine art – and nothing made me fall more in love with that idea than on a recent trip to Frankfurt Christmas Market, where I did nothing but bask in fantastic festive-ness.

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  • My #FestivalPro Summer of Music

    european music festivals

    I’ve been a little quiet on the ol’ blogging front lately due to some exciting news – I was chosen to be StubHub’s UK #FestivalPro!! I know what you’re thinking… what the hell does that mean?! Well basically, I had the awesome opportunity to attend three European music festivals and give you guys the lowdown on all the the real action from the ground across all of their social platforms, as well as my own. Cool, huh?

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  • Birthdaying in Berlin

    Berlin city guide - annie-bishop.com

    Before heading to Amsterdam (the new love of my life) to really kick off my wild birthday celebrations for the big 2-5 with the rest of the crew, I spent my actual birthday weekend cramming in everything that Berlin has to offer. Sometimes I do wonder whether I should have been born German, as sausages […]