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Stay The Night: The Goldman, Frankfurt

Stay The Night: The Goldman, Frankfurt

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I’m a huge fan of Germany, the bratwurst, the culture, the history, the bratwurst, the people… (did I mention the bratwurst?) so much so that in the past year I’ve checked out three of the lush cities and spent more time there than any other European country. I can’t get enough!

So when my itchy feet carried me back recently to potter about Frankfurt, I stumbled across an absolute gem in The Goldman, a member of the 25hours hotel family. An Aladdin’s Cave of plush beds, quirky deco, and jewel-coloured guest rooms, when I wasn’t fully taking advantage of my comfy comfy sleeping quarters, I was hopping out the lift on every floor to see what brightly-coloured haven I’d find next.

Each room comes with it’s own individual, unique story laid out in a beautifully put-together book, which really provides a personal touch to your stay – reading about the ideas and thought processes that went into designing each floor of the hotel room by room was certainly interesting.

the goldman frankfurtthe goldman frankfurt

Not only did I get to hang out with this cute little fella…

the goldman frankfurt

But I also made full use of the friendly chap tending the bar downstairs and his extensive gin knowledge – a girl’s gotta indulge in her bedtime tipple while on her jollies, right?

Clued up and happy to chat about local German gins and the best mixers to accompany them, it was all too easy to sit back and relax, gin in hand, and think about how to while away my time in the bustling city on my doorstep.

the goldman frankfurtthe goldman frankfurtthe goldman frankfurt

Even though I was in town to flaunt my festive spirit at the Christmas market, The Goldman was also in perfect distance for exploring Frankfurt’s city centre and the plentiful sights on offer. So after waking up in luxury and having a leisurely browse of the morning paper, I headed out to get lost and discover something exciting and new.

the goldman frankfurt

That mission was a success, as just a short drive away I found the Main Tower, the highest vantage point in the city – just look at those views! And just in time for a stunning sunset too… (I never said I was an early riser!)

the goldman frankfurt

On my return to The Goldman, I was pretty ravenous, so dropped into a nearby Italian and indulged in the dreamiest pesto pasta ever. Unfortunately for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called – but it was found literally a five minute walk from your doorstep, so be sure to explore so you don’t miss out on that little tastebud tingler!

Until next time Germany… and I’m sure there will soon be one!

Check out The Goldman here – the perfect base for your own German adventure.

My stay was complimentary, but all good words my own.

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