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Stay the Night: 25hours Hafencity, Hamburg

Stay the Night: 25hours Hafencity, Hamburg

I couldn’t have asked for a dreamier stay during my first ever visit to Hamburg than at 25hours Hotel Hafencity.

It. was. glorious.

Located in Hafencity, the up and coming quarter of the city, and not too far away from the Maritime Museum and Elbphilharmonie (the city’s beaut new opera house), the hotel is a benchmark of things to come for the growing neighbourhood. As part of a huge urban development plan, the surrounding area is set to become a mix of homes, offices, and uber trendy spots to eat and drink – with the idea behind it being that this quarter of the city will be the place to be for the young and stylish. And although parts of the area are still under construction, it’s certainly off to a brilliant start!

25hours hafencity

Inspired by it’s maritime surroundings (the hotel faces out over the port, with impressive cruise ships passing through), the reception is a haven of re-used shipping containers, modern brushed metals, and plush leather armchairs welcoming you in with open arms.

A small shop selling local trinkets, handmade crafts, and local gin (HELLO) is tucked away in the corner and well worth a browse whilst you wait for the finishing touches to be added to your abode, or guests are encouraged to treat themselves to lunch in the Heimat Kitchen + Bar onsite, specialising in local German cuisine. The menu boasts many an option for a delicious feast, from fresh fish and chips to a classic burger – but be sure to leave room for dessert!

25hours hafencity25hours hafencity25hours hafencity

Equipped for every taste, 25hours has got you covered when it comes to downtime and making sure you feel as relaxed as possible during your stay. If letting it all hang out is your thang, the hotel boasts a top floor state-of-the-art sauna with cracking views of the port, or if you’re more of a player there’s a cosy communal space providing table football and plenty of space for card games.

My personal fave was the vinyl room – yes, a whole room for spinning those discs – where guests are invited to slip on their favourite record (from a pretty awesome collection too) and kick back on the sofa to unwind with a whisky and a cigarette (it’s also a smoking room). If you’re a ’70s babe at heart looking for a good ol’ throwback, this is the place for you. Having spent so much time flicking through the albums on offer, I’m surprised I got out at all to see the rest of the city!

But of course, the bedrooms are the main event…

25hours hafencity

More than fit for a Captain to rest their head, my room was a print-lover’s dream, with beautiful blue and white wallpaper packed with illustrations reflecting both the musical vibe of the city (The Beatles pretty much invented themselves in Hamburg, don’tcha know) together with the nautical surroundings that peeked through the huge windows spanning the back wall.

25hours hafencity25hours hafencity25hours hafencity

Still carrying the trendy shipyard vibes throughout, the room was full of little details to promote sailing off into a dreamy night’s sleep – from the rustic old trunk serving as a desk, to the rope ladder shelving and the sketch of a saucy sailor stripping off in the bathroom (which came complete with rainfall shower – luxurrrrrrryyyyy!).

25hours hafencity25hours hafencity

But what really won me over was the overall friendly feeling of the place, from the staff to the cheeky slogans that greeted you around every corner. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a clever sentence…

It felt young and fresh, like you were at home from the very moment you arrived, but also came with a deep-rooted sense of belonging to it’s surroundings and it’s community. Beautiful portraits of captains in full uniform, sailors, and dockyard workers hung in each corridor, the sauna itself was fashioned out of a re-used shipping container, and the stories in the logbook tucked away on the desk told tales of sailors passing through the dock on their great adventures at sea.

The place just got me, ya know?

25hours hafencity25hours hafencity25hours hafencity

Fancy staying the night? Check out the hotel here.

My stay was complimentary, but all good words my own.

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