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Songs From The Road

Songs From The Road

It’s been two months since I set out on an American adventure with the VENTH team and so far, it’s been just that. A crazy, hilarious, fun-filled adventure. Not only have we had the MOST fun exploring cities I only dreamed of visiting before, but we’ve shared so many laughs and memories along the way that’ll stay with me for a very long time – mainly because they’re all on film – but also because it’s been one hell of a ride (literally, in a bloody massive RV). But if you were to ask what the best part has been for me, I would definitely say that it’s been getting to see some musicians along the way that I’ve been dying to see for a very long time – because what’s a road trip without music, right? Well, a very quiet road trip, that’s what.

songs from the road songs from the road songs from the road

It’s crazy how some songs have a hold on you, powerful enough to transport you back to the exact time you first heard them, reminding you of a person or a place, or refreshing an emotion you were feeling at that time. You tie so much significance to that one song because it reminded you of the second you fell in love, or it helped you overcome heartbreak, or it simply takes you back to that perfect sunset barbecue on the beach, or your favourite TV show – and every time you hear it you get that same spine-tingling, hair-raising feeling that you got the first time. Those songs that hit you in the gut the first time are my favourite kind, because you know even while you’re experiencing it that this is only a tiny moment in time, but it’s going to stick with you forever. That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling about the last two performances I’ve seen in LA…

songs from the road songs from the road songs from the road

First up, in an intimate room hidden away in Hollywood Forever cemetery – the final resting place of notable directors, writers and stars of the silver screen – Tom Odell had the whole crowd completely under his spell with ‘Constellations’. A simple piano number in-between his other more energetic songs, he took a swig of whiskey and as soon as he’d sung the first verse the atmosphere in the room had completely changed. His voice rang out over the enthralled silence and it just felt… special. He was just one guy and yet he had the whole room completely mesmerised with a beautiful song, a song which made you feel like that’s exactly where you were supposed to be. A song powerful enough to make everyone in that room feel something – and for me a song that would always take me back to standing in that room in an exciting city far from home with my best friends, nearing the end of a trip that I never thought I’d be on, thinking about everything I’d done so far and how I absolutely wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. So as the soft lyrics rang out, “The piano man is playing some old melody, don’t mean much to anyone but it does to you and me…”, the world stopped for a minute by the power of one song.

songs from the road songs from the road image

The second wasn’t as soppy I promise – but still being a sucker for a slow song, it isn’t much more upbeat either.

I don’t think I have to tell you again how much of a Nashville fangirl I am, pretty sure this whole blog is starting to sound like they sponsor me (which actually would be nice BTW), so when I heard that Sam Palladio (the show’s Gunnar Scott) was playing at another equally as legendary venue The Troubadour, you can bet that I’d be there in the crowd. Playing a mixture of his own songs and songs from the show, he treated the crowd to ‘I Will Fall’ – with Lucie Silvas filling in the brilliant Clare Bowen’s (the show’s Scarlett O’Connor) usual harmonies as beautifully as ever. I’ve been told that I get too invested in the characters when it comes to TV – weeping like a family member had died over Marissa Cooper’s death in The OC being the perfect example – but I just love getting stuck into a good story! Having the chance to see one of my favourite songs by a favourite character from the show played live was a huge highlight of the trip.

songs from the road

I could go on all day about discovering songs along the way that have a memory attached to them from this trip, but ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, take a listen to each of them in my road trip playlist below and get out there to start making your own memories!

Do you have a song that means the world to you, or conjures up a powerful memory? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to take a listen!

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