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A Postcard from Pena National Palace

A Postcard from Pena National Palace

I’m writing this post to you today from bed in our tiny Airbnb apartment, bundled in blankets and scoffing a McD’s (unhygienic eating situation I know, don’t judge) simply because I’m too freezing to move anywhere else after today’s adventure. I’m talking a cold that’s deep down in your bones after a REALLY cold day, know what I’m saying?

But why? Well, catch the train from Lisbon for a speedy 45 minutes and you’ll find yourself in the picturesque town of Sintra – and my God, once you’ve stepped foot on its quaint cobbled streets, you’ll never want to live anywhere else. Today we headed over to check it out before flying back to London for a few weeks, but the weather was NOT on our side. Y u so rainy Portugal?

a postcard from pena - annie-bishop.coma postcard from pena - annie-bishop.coma postcard from pena - annie-bishop.com

We were pretty unprepared for the elements (especially me who couldn’t hunt down any socks before leaving the house) and after winding our way to the top of the biggest, steepest hill I think I’ve ever been up, we found ourselves being battered by the wind and pelting rain with nowhere to hide and only a flimsy leather jacket for protection (Topshop though, gotta face a sitch like this in style). After hiding out in the coffee house and trying unsuccessfully to purchase an umbrella, we braved the last paved 500m to the very top of the hill, where we found the most gorgeous palace you’ll ever see IRL – it’s every Disney princess’ wet dream come true, and I want to live there forever and ever. Forget Prince Charming though, I’ll take a Netflix and chill with that view any day.

a postcard from pena - annie-bishop.com a postcard from pena - annie-bishop.comIMG_4618

Deciding that we were now to wet to function, we stocked up on this season’s must-have outerwear, a plastic poncho dahhhling, and got stuck into exploring every inch of the beautifully tiled Pena Palace. The pictures here don’t really do it justice, because of aforementioned weather from hell, but it’s a primary coloured haven of princess turrets, bizarre gargoyles and bedazzling views. You’ll fall hook, line and sinker in love with it after you’ve walked through the first ornately carved archway, and for the rest of the visit you’ll be wondering how you get your hands on the place.

Once you’ve Instagrammed every walkway to your heart’s content, explore the rest of the grounds to uncover the stables, chapel and much more, before zipping back down the hill to the historic centre of Sintra in a wobbly (but very fun!) tuk-tuk. Your carriage awaits, princess…


a postcard from pena - annie-bishop.com a postcard from pena - annie-bishop.com

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