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Now Playing: September

Now Playing: September

September’s been a bit of a ‘meh’ month so far, with not much going on and the weather starting to take a turn for the dreary. Everything’s feeling a little uncertain lately, I’ve spent many a day trying to figure out the next move as we get closer to the year anniversary of when this whole little corner of the internet started and I up and left my sitch at the time. It may just be because September’s usually the month that signifies a little new beginning, what with schools starting up again and the summer coming to an end, but I’ve definitely been itching for something big to happen. I’m just not sure what yet… but this month’s playlist is channelling that epic vibe.

september playlist

But with that feeling splurge out the way, if there’s one thing that is certain about this time of year it’s that gig season is about to kick off. The festivals are over, which means waving goodbye to lazing in sunny fields cradling a cider and a hangover and saying helloooooo to getting intimate with your fave new musicians in dimly lit hidden away venues up and down the country. I’ve already kicked off the season in style catching Brooklyn babes MOTHXR in Bristol, and I for one am pretty pumped about catching some new acts over the winter. I’m crossing everything that White Lies are going to be populating that list! Who’ve you got tickets to this month?

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