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Now Playing: August

Now Playing: August

I’ve had a little bit of spare time on my hands this month (after the hectic festival marathon that was July!), so I’ve been using it to catch up on tunes old and new and updating the trusty iPod with some cracking music – it was SO in need of an update, after the Jonas Brothers popped up the other day…

One of the best feelings ever is stumbling across a new band or artist to add to your playlist, or having a good old rifle through the back catalogue of artists you already loved and discovering a hidden gem you’d never taken much notice of before. So I’ve been dredging up some classics, revisiting some faves, discovering some new hits, and dusting off my Mum’s old vinyls for this month’s playlist!

summer playlist

A few are bands that I’m finally getting to see play live after much lusting after new tour dates – including the incredible Matt Corby who I caught at Village Underground in London last week, and the almighty Foals who I’m shooting off to see next weekend in Hamburg, but the rest are tunes that will just not. stop. spinning in my house lately. Hope you discover something new!

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