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My Travel Essentials

My Travel Essentials

It goes without saying, I love to travel. I’ve been so lucky this past year to do so much of it, flitting about here and there for city weekend breaks and extended trips overseas – but I have to say, the most daunting part of travelling for me is the packing. I always put it off until the last minute, end up throwing anything into a bag in the middle of the night before the airport run, then wonder what the hell I’m wearing when I finally get where I’m going, or can reel off a list of important things I’ve forgotten. Not the shoes though – you can bet they’ll be on point! And most of the time way too many pairs of them…

But there are a few things I know to pack without fail, and are always the first things I make sure I have with me no matter where I’m going or how long the trip happens to be. In fact, they’re pretty essential to my everyday life anyway, but I’m going to shoehorn them into a travel post because I just love living on the edge like that. Ya get me?

So here goes – don’t go packing that suitcase ’til you’ve read this! Well, you can, but it’d be fabulous if you just read this out of sympathy for my typing fingers first…

travel essentials

A cracking soundtrack (obviously)

Airplanes, busses, trains, and most other forms of transport have one thing in common: they’re super boring. It’s great and all to look out the window at the beautiful landscapes, city life, or just the runway tarmac speeding by, but come on, it’s a million times better to do so with your fave tunes to really get you in the mood for a break away. As much as I’d like to carry my record player round with me everywhere I go, it’s a little inconvenient for everyone else, so uploading some new music to the iPod before I head off on a trip has become a bit of a tradition of mine. Especially if there’s a theme to the excursion – when I was off to Nashville I may have gone a little overboard with the country music for the flight, but it made arriving all the more exciting! Plus you definitely need preparation for landing in Nashville airport, the cowboy hats are out in force.

So dust off those old CDs you’ve got lying around and top up your device of choice before flying away, and you’ll see it really does make all the difference (even if it’s just for blocking out the peeps around you, unsociable types). A little bit of Vengaboys for your next sunny trip to Ibiza anyone?

travel essentials

A selection of dream creams

My pale, pale skin does not co-operate when I travel, shrivelling and drying up as soon as it senses any kind of direct sunlight for an extended period of time like a tulip in the Sahara. Which means that I literally have to slather myself in hydrating masks and lotions everywhere I go to keep looking like a human being, and not a snake that’s about to shed it’s skin. Nice visuals in this paragraph, I know.

My absolute fave face cream is Vichy’s Idéalia Sleep night cream, after being introduced to it at an event in London a couple of years ago. Since then I have religiously applied it before bed two or three times a week and trust me, you wake up feeling totally dreamy. I love, love, love it, it works wonders for keeping my dry skin hydrated, moisturised and feeling funky FRESH. When returning home after a trip – especially a festival – I also love to give a hydrating mask a go to get rid of all the yuckiness!

For the body, a good layer of Soap and Glory’s Righteous Butter sees me through, plus it smells absolutely heavenly!

travel essentials

Much writing material

What kind of writer would I be if I didn’t cart around a load of materials, right? Most of my hand luggage consists of stationery for scribbling down important dates, things to remember, and random thoughts, and this beaut Busy B notebook has been by my side for a good while now – isn’t it heart-eye emoji worthy? I usually use the travel time to think up some brilliant* questions for bands I’m meeting, finish off a music review, or just stick a snazzy page marker on a page with a cool new word I’ve learnt scribbled on it for future use. I think I get more work done on the Megabus than I do anywhere else in the world, and it makes the time fly by when you’re spending it doing something productive!

On a side note, I’ve been lusting after Busy B’s range for a while now – everything is on my wishlist for future gifts!

*awfully cringe-worthy
travel essentials

A list of things to do and see!

I’ve already talked your ears off about my complete obsession with stalking a place on Instagram before I actually get there, but I also love to have a scroll through my fave blogs and a flick through some city-specific books (anything by Tom Jones and you’re onto a winner) before I head off anywhere for the hotspots to check out while I’m there. I’m a list-lover, so I’m always jotting down place names and locations in my Notes to explore, inevitably not getting the time to fit all of them in though!

And of course my lush Sass & Belle passport cover comes everywhere, it was a gift from one of my best friends before I set off on my biggest adventure and it’s been with me ever since! The passport itself is looking pretty ragged underneath…

Busy B products were originally complimentary gifts, but all good words my own.

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