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Lisbon city guide

Lisbon city guideLisbon city guide Lisbon city guideLisbon city guideLisbon city guide Lisbon city guideLisbon city guide

I’ve been slacking a little this week on the ol’ blogging front, as I’ve been back on Welsh soil, catching up with friends and family and picking up a big, fat cold. Typical, back in home territory for the shortest time and I spend it coughing and sniffing all over the house in leftover Christmas PJs. So to cheer myself up, I’ve been flicking back through the photos of our month in Lisbon, which was mostly sunny and warm, other than the days we chose to get our tourist on of course, when it absolutely bucketed down. Moral of the story: seize the day and see the sights as soon as you see that sunshine peeping through.

And what a place it was! If you haven’t been, pack your knicks and book yourself on a plane tomorrow, because it’s beautiful! Go for the shabby-chic atmosphere (everything feels like it’s falling down), the rich history and impressive monuments, the intricately tiled houses and the lip-smacking food; but the thing that’ll make you stay? The buckets of gin that you’ll consume at the Time Out Market. I think I’ve made myself pretty clear where I stand on the gin front, so you can imagine my absolute joy when I discovered the G&T bar and the MASSIVE bowls – not glasses – that the sweet elixir was being dished out in. Stop the wars, I’ve found Heaven – and it’s at the bottom of a G’Vine and tonic in the heart of Lisbon.

I didn’t manage to catch a tram during our stay, as I instead gave myself heart attacks frequently climbing each hill (of which there are many) to swoon over each cute little shuttered house, but I’d definitely recommend jumping on one to make sure to check out all the sights, as each buzzing little neighbourhood has something different to offer. Head to Belém to get your fill of Lisbon’s history, from the Belém Tower to the Discoveries Monument (both pics above) and chomp on Lisbon’s famed custard tarts, or catch a super cheap Uber (SUPER cheap – sort yourself out London) out to Sintra and explore the amazing Pena Palace. You’re spoilt for choice with incredible views wherever you trot off to – but the best part? No Nando’s in sight.

Like this, want to see what else I got up to in the city on Instagram?


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  1. Katy says:

    I loved Lisbon too. Had a few crazy nights out there too on the ginginja (spelling?). It’s plum wine. Quite lethal

    1. Annie Bishop says:

      Such a beautiful city – sadly didn’t try the plum wine, but I’ll definitely add it to the list for next time!

  2. Lisbon really was an amazing place! I’m sure that we will be heading back there at some point. I still want to get up to Porto as well.

  3. Kerri says:

    My husband and I were thinking of heading to Portugal last year, we were going to visit Porto, but we didn’t get a chance to in the end – I think we choose to go to Warsaw instead (totally recommend), but maybe we’re get a chance to see Portugal this year.

    I love the photos! There’s so much atmosphere in them! Especially the once of the tram and the little castle like thing out in the water. I love things like that, did you get to explore the castle?

    ~ K

    1. Annie Bishop says:

      Thanks Kerri, you should definitely get to Lisbon if you have the chance. I didn’t go into the tower as just as I took that photo it absolutely bucketed down so I ran for shelter and hot chocolate! I think you can go in for a few Euros and climb to the top though.

  4. caroline says:

    How wonderful! The architecture is stunning.

  5. One of my favourite cities! We went to Porto recently and absolutely loved it too… pretty sure I should just move to Portugal!

    1. Annie Bishop says:

      Haha, I’ve been thinking the same! I’m in London for a little while and everything is crazy expensive in comparison now!

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