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Road Trip Diary: The Grand Canyon

Road Trip Diary: The Grand Canyon

The next chapter of our journey was definitely one jam-packed with stories to write home about! Having driven through the swamps of Louisiana, on through Texas and most of the desertland of Arizona, we stopped briefly in Flagstaff to pick up a friend and made a beeline for the Grand Canyon.

An absolute B-E-A-UUUUT of a day for it, grabbing our packed lunches we hit the trail – and were graced with the most incredible views. Now, I’ve seen pictures of the Grand Canyon, but nothing really prepares you for it IRL – layers and layers of multicoloured rock reaching what feels like into the very centre of the Earth, while a tranquil silence hangs over it’s magnificent natural beauty. So of course when faced with a 300ft sheer drop, the only thing to do was find the smallest jagged edge to play around on for that leg-tingling adrenaline rush, right? If ever there was a YOLO moment this was it – literally, because with one wrong step we’d have been testing out how deep it was for ourselves – but WHAT a view!

Grand Canyon adventure

Once we’d had our fill of dancing with death, we stepped away from any dangerously high ledges and packed up the RV once more to head to Vegas. But Lady Luck wasn’t yet on our side…

Grand Canyon adventure Grand Canyon adventure

Picture the scene: we’re winding downhill through the pretty blue mountains close to the Hoover Dam, drifting in and out of sleep and worn out from the morning’s adventure, chatting about what antics we’ll get up to in Vegas, when BANG, what feels like a burst tire swerves us off the road and onto the shoulder. Brian tries to get up out of the driving seat to go see what the fuss is about but the brakes aren’t having any of it, so he has to sit there with his foot firmly clamped down. Drama. Wondering what to do, we all take out our phones to try and call for some help – but no phone service. Double drama.

After an unsuccessful plea to the police to come and save us, we start getting all of our stuff together and compile it on the stony verge outside the bus – ready to be picked up when we manage to get hold of our rescuers – and a guy pulls up next to us and jumps out of his car to help. He comes over, kitted out in his Hawaiian shirt, and asks if we need any help.

Top guy! Or potential psychotic murderer intent on living out his own horror movie…

Grand Canyon adventure Grand Canyon adventure Grand Canyon adventure

Having not really decided on which, half an hour later we’re crammed in the boot of his car with all of our belongings anyway (in amongst multiple other Hawaiian shirts), being jostled around as we head to the nearest city to get a tow truck – all the while wondering if this was going to be one of those situations why my parents always warned me not to get into cars with strangers…

Grand Canyon adventure Grand Canyon adventure

We get to Boulder City and our new mate drives us to find a motel for the night, except he doesn’t let us go inside ourselves and insists on going into each motel to haggle for the best price – and eventually we’re holed up in our motel room with a much needed box of wine to LOL about the whole thing for the rest of the night with all limbs intact!

Grand Canyon adventure

The next morning, with the drama behind us (or so we thought), we wake up bright and early to continue on to Vegas, pick up our new RV and party ON. But we also wake up to a broken toilet, so I head to the room next door to use Scott’s bathroom while he wasn’t there… and get TRAPPED IN. Not taking a phone with me, I had no way to contact the guys in the next room to come rescue me other than through knocking on the bathroom wall and hoping for the best – which they thankfully cottoned on to! But unable to get me out, they had to recruit help from a member of the motel staff who broke me out with a screwdriver – just as I was resigning to life as a bathroom dweller. All I need is running water to survive right?

Probably the most eventful couple of days of the road trip so far, it certainly added some comedy to the adventure! With a dash more faith in fellow humans and the kindness of strangers we continued on our merry way, and I’d say we’d earned a Vegas blowout, wouldn’t you?!

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