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Fantastic Festiveness And Where To Find It

Fantastic Festiveness And Where To Find It

If there’s anywhere in the world that really knows how to do Christmas right, I’ve always felt that the Germans have got it down to a fine art – and nothing made me fall more in love with that idea than on a recent trip to Frankfurt Christmas Market, where I did nothing but bask in fantastic festive-ness. SO CHRISTMASSY I COULD DIE.

Frankfurt Christmas MarketFrankfurt Christmas Market

Even though the city of Frankfurt is more so known for it’s booming businesses, they certainly don’t scrimp on the festive cheer when it comes to Christmas, with the main market on the Römerberg bursting at the seams with vats of Glühwein, delicate ornaments, huge hotdogs, and the tallest Christmas tree in all of Germany. It’s a whopper!

The atmosphere on the square is insanely cosy, as locals and tourists mix together to chat about their plans, clutching steaming mugs of mulled wine and listening to the jolly tunes drifting over from the multiple merry-go-rounds. One hour in these surroundings is certainly enough to transform even the most Scrooge-like of your pals that’s for sure!

Frankfurt Christmas MarketFrankfurt Christmas MarketFrankfurt Christmas Market

A smattering of wooden stalls offer delicate ornaments to hang from your tree, as well as all the traditional treats – marzipan goodies, roasted chestnuts and almonds, and cinnamon stars – so there’s plenty on offer for last-minute gifts for family and friends, as well as that one little treat for yourself to fill your belly, for the sustenance you need for festivities, obviously!

Frankfurt Christmas MarketFrankfurt Christmas Market

Once you’re full of the joys of Crimbo take a stroll over to the river, where you can whack out your mistletoe (everyone keeps some handy right?) and lock your love down with the hundreds of other happy couples, or simply enjoy the views of the city displayed out before you. Oh, the romance – it’s all too much!

Frankfurt Christmas Market Frankfurt Christmas Market

My favourite part? Unlocking my true career potential… what do you guys think? Nutcracker material or what?!

Frankfurt Christmas Market

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, I’ll see you in 2017!

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