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  • Lisbon Photo Diary

    Lisbon city guide

    I’ve been slacking a little this week on the ol’ blogging front, as I’ve been back on Welsh soil, catching up with friends and family and picking up a big, fat cold. Typical, back in home territory for the shortest time and I spend it coughing and sniffing all over the house in leftover Christmas […]

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  • A Postcard from Pena National Palace

    a postcard from pena - annie-bishop.com

    I’m writing this post to you today from bed in our tiny Airbnb apartment, bundled in blankets and scoffing a McD’s (unhygienic eating situation I know, don’t judge) simply because I’m too freezing to move anywhere else after today’s adventure. I’m talking a cold that’s deep down in your bones after a REALLY cold day, […]

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  • Birthdaying in Berlin

    Berlin city guide - annie-bishop.com

    Before heading to Amsterdam (the new love of my life) to really kick off my wild birthday celebrations for the big 2-5 with the rest of the crew, I spent my actual birthday weekend cramming in everything that Berlin has to offer. Sometimes I do wonder whether I should have been born German, as sausages […]

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  • A Love Letter to Barcelona

    A Love Letter to Tapas in Barcelona - www.annie-bishop.com

    Dear Barcelona, You really are something. A city full of colour and life, from the musicians serenading passers-by on the street, to the art that pops up in the most unexpected places – you’re always surprising me with what’s around each architecturally dreamy corner. Although our time together was brief, I enjoyed every second of […]