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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Cardiff

    cardiff city guide

    Over the course of this blog, I’ve lived in Wales, moved to work in London, quit to go travelling, had a summer of festivalling, and scurried back to Wales again. It’s been an eventful couple of years, and I have to admit that coming back to the Motherland has definitely meant a homecoming to a slower pace of living.

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  • As Seen in Buzz: Legendary Getaways

    epic retreats

    As 2017’s Year of Legends kicks off, a year for celebrating the best that Wales has to offer, from epic sweeping landscapes to home-grown talent and everything in between, those who love getting into the thick of things are in for a real treat. As part of Epic Retreats, Wales’ first ever boutique hotel will quite literally be popping up in three different secret locations around the country, showcasing stunning, unhindered views of the surrounding countryside for a lucky 200 guests – talk about being at one with nature.

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  • Stay The Night: The Goldman, Frankfurt

    the goldman frankfurt

    When my itchy feet carried me back recently to potter about Frankfurt, I stumbled across an absolute gem in The Goldman, a member of the 25hours hotel family. An Aladdin’s Cave of plush beds, quirky deco, and jewel-coloured guest rooms, when I wasn’t fully taking advantage of my comfy comfy sleeping quarters, I was hopping out the lift on every floor to see what brightly-coloured haven I’d find next.

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  • Fantastic Festiveness And Where To Find It

    Frankfurt Christmas Market

    If there’s anywhere in the world that really knows how to do Christmas right, I’ve always felt that the Germans have got it down to a fine art – and nothing made me fall more in love with that idea than on a recent trip to Frankfurt Christmas Market, where I did nothing but bask in fantastic festive-ness.

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  • 3 Weekend Breaks to Take This Autumn

    autumn weekend breaks

    Attention snugglebunnies – Autumn is upon us! My fave season of them all, packed with events round the bonfire, crunchy leaves underfoot, and the excuse to stay wrapped up in cosy jumpers for months as the Winter chill starts creeping in. I always love to visit new cities at this time of year, snuggled in a chunky hat and scarf and ready to explore in the super pretty Autumn light. Summer can suck it – it ain’t got nothing on pumpkin and fireworks! I’ve kicked off the season discovering a couple of new places, as well as an old fave, so here’s the highlights if you’re an Autumn Adventurer too!

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  • A Summer Guide to Hamburg

    weekend guide to hamburg

    I’ve kicked off a bit of a love affair with Germany lately, having been to a few festivals and soaked up the glorious weather they’ve been having (and OF COURSE the beer and sausage), so when I was invited to pack my bags and fly away to discover what Hamburg had to offer for the weekend, I jumped at the chance.

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  • The Secret to Happy Travel

    aspire airport lounge

    Every once in a while, it’s nice to treat yo’ self to a little bit of extra luxury when it comes to travelling – especially flying. I’m no stranger to a budget airline and will happily continue to utilise them, but sometimes when you’re headed somewhere extra special, you just want to feel that exciting princess feeling to really amp up the holiday vibe, you know what I mean?

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  • My Travel Essentials

    travel essentials

    It goes without saying, I love to travel. I’ve been so lucky this past year to do so much of it, flitting about here and there for city weekend breaks and extended trips overseas – but I have to say, the most daunting part of travelling for me is the packing. I always put it off until the last minute, end up throwing anything into a bag in the middle of the night before the airport run, then wonder what the hell I’m wearing when I finally get where I’m going, or can reel off a list of important things I’ve forgotten. So here are my most important travel essentials…

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  • My #FestivalPro Summer of Music

    european music festivals

    I’ve been a little quiet on the ol’ blogging front lately due to some exciting news – I was chosen to be StubHub’s UK #FestivalPro!! I know what you’re thinking… what the hell does that mean?! Well basically, I had the awesome opportunity to attend three European music festivals and give you guys the lowdown on all the the real action from the ground across all of their social platforms, as well as my own. Cool, huh?