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What Travel Means to Me

What Travel Means to Me

What does travel mean to you? A yearly holiday to de-stress from the day job? A spontaneous weekend away to celebrate, or surprise a loved one? A journey of self discovery? A job? A distant dream?

Well to me, lately, it’s become so much more than any of the above, and at the risk of using a big fat #BLESSED (trust me, I can’t believe I’m typing that either), I just wanted to share a little of how massive the past six weeks have been for me. I’ve already rambled on about building up the courage to quit my job and skedaddle, so won’t bore on about that one again, but it’s crazy how one decision really can change your life in so many more ways than just switching where you get out of bed in the morning. Or stay in bed, for that matter, because guess what – you can do whatever the hell you want, when you want.

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And you CAN do it. I received such an awesome response on my first post from friends, family, ex-colleagues, and complete strangers, who got in touch to say how inspired they were and how they wish they could do the same. And I’ve been you, I would read similar posts at my desk while it absolutely chucked down outside, wondering if I’d have enough money to actually eat for the rest of the month because my rent was RIDONKULOUS; wishing I could just flee all of my responsibilities and start afresh. More often than not, those thoughts only culminated in a few gins and an Arrow marathon to temporarily dull the pain.

I’ve felt the fear and I did it anyway, because you know what? I wasn’t put on this Earth to bore myself to tears working to pay the bills, and keep doing that until the day I die. And neither were you. You, dear reader, owe it to yourself to grab your life with both hands and do whatever you have to do to make it one you love – no matter how absolutely paralysingly terrifying you may find it, and sometimes, no matter who you have to leave behind.

What Travel Means to Me - annie-bishop.com

So what does travel mean to me?

It means having the courage to go it alone when you have no bloody idea what lies ahead.

It means giving myself a shot at the life I want, even if it doesn’t work out.

It means getting to see all the corners of the world I only ever dreamed about.

It means building myself and my career, on my own terms and with my own vision.

It means climbing out of the horrible rut that I was only getting deeper in.

It means missing my friends and family like absolute crazy, but knowing that I’ll only appreciate them more when I return.

It means having the chance to finally satiate the constant wanderlust that threatened to break me down.

It means not having to get up at 6.30am every morning and question my life choices.

It means letting my sense of adventure run free.

It means not understanding a single word anyone says around me, but still feeling like I belong there.

It means actually ENJOYING getting lost (sometimes).

It means finding my own way and meeting new people.

It means having the time of my life and experiencing new things – because I deserve it.

It means being completely free to just be me.