5 Things I’ve Given up While Travelling

pros and cons of travelling

When I first quit my job and set out to travel around Europe, I knew that there would be some things that I would inevitably have to give up. The first to go would be a regular monthly wage, a snuggly double bed all to myself, and my lovingly curated shoe collection (that one was especially painful), which I made myself come to terms with, knowing that there were better things peeking over the horizon. But whilst I hugged all my fave footwear goodbye and packed them away in my parents’ attic, there were some things that I never even considered that I’d be giving up. Surprisingly, and as cliche and blogger-y as this is going to sound, after looking back and thinking about the things that I no longer need, I really do feel like I’ve changed so much after the past couple of months without even realising. I can tell that you’re just waiting on tenterhooks for me to tell you what they were, so I’ll quit the teasing and let you on in the top five…

Extensive grooming

Okay, don’t get me wrong, I still have my basic hygiene intact – I haven’t run off and started wearing cheesecloth and letting my hair and body’s natural oils take care of themselves, and all that jazz – but I can deal much better without all the crap I was doing before. I still love to whack out the ol’ eyeliner pretty regularly, but I am now 100% comfortable with leaving the house without a full face of make-up and a perfectly bouncy barnet. And that’s a pretty big step my friends, as before I was in a VERY committed long-term relationship with my GHDs. Saying that, as I type this make-up and hair-tonged free in my local cafe, I’ve just been shown a photo of what I actually look like, and may be reconsidering…

pros and cons of travelling

No time for Moaning Myrtles

Ain’t nobody got time any more for listening to people harp on about how much they hate their lives, when they clearly aren’t doing anything to change their situation. Before I could handle it, because I was one of those people. I was not my biggest fan, I wasn’t enjoying my job, and I needed a change – so I moaned and I bitched until I got a kick up the arse and I quit. Simples. Don’t like your job? Quit, find another. Don’t like where you live? Move. Want a holiday? Book one. Hate your boyfriend? Dump him. Don’t want to be friends with me after reading this? No biggie. You’ve heard it before, but life IS short, if you don’t like the way it’s going for you, DO something about it. Don’t just bore whoever will listen around you with the same repetitive spiel about how much you hate your situation if you’re not willing to change it, even in the tiniest possible way. I get it, I really, really do, it’s hard to change your life. It might not be possible for you emotionally, financially, whatever, to make a huge change, but even making the smallest step towards a positive change can make you feel a HEAP better – you’re never going to get anywhere if you don’t try.

Always being there

FOMO is a powerful thing. I’ve always had the feeling that I had to be at every lunch, every “quick drink”, every birthday, every family event, every Saturday night hang; not only because I felt like I would be missing out on something by not being there, but because I’d feel like a bad friend or whatever if I didn’t show up. So I’d go along to everything no matter how much all I felt like doing, or could afford, was to Netflix and chill with the cast of the Nashville in my pants with an Asda pizza (hermit alert). I miss my friends dearly when I’m travelling, but having left for a while, it’s kind of refreshing not to be expected to be there all the time for every cat’s birthday or Wine Wednesday. It also makes me love them that much more when we do get to see each other for a catch up that actually means something.

pros and cons of travelling


As mentioned before, my shoes were the first thing to go, along with the rest of my wardrobe and all the cluttered possessions that filled my old room. Anything that comes with me now has to fit in one suitcase and prove it’s worth, otherwise it gets the same treatment as everything else. My fave pastime – shopping- is sadly now out the window, and if I ever get tempted I force myself to remember the pain of trying to lift it all above my head to shove it on a train rack. I love a good pair of new boots as much as the next gal, but that visual alone is enough to back that ass straight outta Topshop, pronto.

Long-term relationships

This one’s pretty obvious, as for the next few months I’m not going to be in one place for very long! Who knows what’ll happen in the future, but for now I’m just figuring it out and having fun along the way. Tinder’s still a giggle though…

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  1. Charlie says:

    The moaning thing is so true. Whenever I tell anyone I’m going travelling the most frequent response is, “I wish I could do that.” I always ask them why they can’t and most of them don’t know. I’m a big believer in the mantra ‘what would you do if you weren’t afraid?’ – more people need to ask themselves that!

    1. Annie Bishop says:

      That’s such a good mantra to have Charlie! I think I may need to adopt that one, as I’m the biggest wimp you’ll ever meet IRL!

  2. Anyxcuse says:

    Love this- especially the moaning myrtl’s section. I cannot stand people complaining but not doing anything about it as well. You have a choice!

  3. You are spot on with the moaning and whining thing. My husband and I are recently married, and we don’t make a ton of money. Our friend asked us if we wanted to come see a concert for a band we all love. Catch is she lives in New York and we live in Idaho. Checked how much it would be, wasn’t THAT expensive, and we booked it! Our friends our age all whine that they can’t do stuff like that, and the only reason they can’t is because they don’t save any money! I seriously have no sympathy for that.

    1. Annie Bishop says:

      That’s what life is all about, right? Saying yes to the things that you want to do, rather than wishing and whining about it instead. I actually just started reading ‘Yes Man’ too – so now I’m a bit obsessed with that way of thinking!

  4. Dannii says:

    The possessions thing was a MASSIVE thing for me when me and Wes went travelling. We still managed to accumulate way too much stuff that I couldn’t tell you where it was now. But since we got back I always ask myself now “Yes, but do you NEED it?”. Bonus is saving more pennies to go travelling again one day!

    1. Annie Bishop says:

      It’s crazy when you actually sit down and sort through all the things that you have that you don’t need, or have only kept for sentimental reasons! Your travels looked amazing though!

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