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5 Reasons to Visit Edinburgh

5 Reasons to Visit Edinburgh

Ever wanted to visit Edinburgh?

From where to eat to how to get around, here are five reasons to make this year the one to do so…

5 Reasons to Visit Edinburgh - annie-bishop.com

5 Reasons to Visit Edinburgh -annie-bishop.com

Yer a wizard, Harry!

Okay, let’s be real here. Pretty much the only reason I wanted to visit Edinburgh in the first place was for some serious Potter fangirling. On this front, as very much expected, I was not disappointed. Being the girl that was partial to donning a cloak and wand for the big HP screenings, all one had to do was whisper the words *inspiration for Diagon Alley* and I was booked on the next plane quicker than Hermione could raise her hand.

You definitely don’t have to have stepped foot in the city for very long before you get on J. K.’s level, because everywhere you look just oozes magical vibes.

First stop: Victoria Street, not only for a wander up the curly inspo for Diagon Alley, but also to indulge your inner nerd in some cool merchandise at Museum Context.

One for the darker side of the story? Head to Greyfriars Kirkyard to hunt down Thomas Riddell’s grave, I’m guessing I don’t have to explain the thinking behind that one…

5 Reasons to Visit Edinburgh - annie-bishop.com

5 Reasons to Visit Edinburgh - annie-bishop.com



It’s picture perfect

I am suuuuuuch a sucker for old brick buildings, so it’s pretty darn handy that Edinburgh’s jam-packed full of them. The whole city is a sea of that lush sandy brown, whether you’re marching from bar to bar in New Town or taking a leisurely stroll up to the castle.

You can spend a whole day just ogling the architecture that surrounds you, coming from a gal who did just that. There’s something about walking streets steeped in history that makes you feel all cosy inside, wanting to explore every nook and squeeze through every winding alley before tucking up in front of a pub fire. Bliss.




5 Reasons to Visit Edinburgh - annie-bishop.com

5 Reasons to Visit Edinburgh - annie-bishop.com


“We can walk there!”

One of my favourite things about the city is how easily you can get around on foot. Okay, so on day one alone I racked up 26,000 steps excitedly scurrying up every hill I could manage (and paid the price the next morning in the form of old lady knees), but even if you’re much more chill than me you can take a leisurely walk to all the major sights easy peasy.

There’s so much to take in around you and all the attractions so tightly packed that it’s easily the best way to get a feel for Edinburgh’s atmosphere, so much so that while walking aimlessly through the streets we stumbled upon the castle by accident, completely caught up in our surroundings.

Who knows what you might discover while you’re heading out for dinner?



5 Reasons to Visit Edinburgh - annie-bishop.com

5 Reasons to Visit Edinburgh


Nom nom nom

I would love to say that I got stuck in and feasted on unique Scottish delicacies like haggis and tatties, but frankly I had bigger fish to fry.

I’m not ashamed to say that when thinking about booking a trip I base my decision on destination solely on the restaurants on offer that look tasty AF, of which I headed to Edinburgh with an abundant list.

From the creamiest mac and cheese at Paradise Palms, to rounds after rounds of chicken wings in every flavour you can imagine at the trendy underground Wings, I ate ’til I quite literally could eat no more.

My standout eatery was Harajuku Kitchen, serving up by far the most delicious pork dumplings and katsu curry to have passed these lips. My mouth waters just at the slightest memory of them…


5 Reasons to Visit Edinburgh - annie-bishop.com

5 Reasons to Visit Edinburgh



Thank you for the music

Scotland has given us many awesome artists, Biffy Clyro, Lewis Capaldi, Franz Ferdinand and Paolo Nutini to name a few, so it’s probably not going to come as a shocker that the music around town was pretty ace.

From bagpipe players in the streets to acoustic guitar sets in intimate pubs (shoutout to the Shoogly Peg), the soundtrack to our weekend was varied and provided by some fantastic talent.

You rock, Scotland.






5 Reasons to Visit Edinburgh - annie-bishop.com

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