5 Reasons to Love Halloween

reasons to love halloween

Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays (whether real or made up, it’s still a holiday in my books), because deep down, for some weird, morbid reason, I just love being scared out of my mind. Within reason, of course!

So this year, on this most ghastly and magical of nights, you’re most likely to find me kitted out in my witch hat doing any of the below activities. Let’s face it, mostly the cocktails though…

reasons to love halloween

Indulging in scary movies

My dad is such a freak for scary films and weened me and my sisters on the classics when we were just little whippersnappers, which admittedly was terrifying at the time (Hellraiser, anyone?), but pretty funny to think back on now! After getting our costumes on and stuffing our goody bags with a round of Trick or Treat-ing in the street, we’d cram our greedy mouths with our wares in front of a scary movie with all the lights turned off as soon as we got home. I can tell ya, when you’ve already been scared to death at The Amityville Horror at 8 years old, there’s no modern horror movie that can have the same effect… although I do still love getting a kick out of it!

Crushing on all pumpkin EVERYTHING

Come on, they’re just so gourd-geous! Nothing says Autumn like pumpkins, and we all know Autumn is the best season of the year.

reasons to love halloween

Getting stuck in to adrenaline-pumping spooky activities

I’ll always remember taking a trip to Alton Towers’ Scarefest one year for Halloween/a friend’s birthday, as it was probably one of the funniest, adrenaline-fuelled nights I’ve ever experienced. Amongst a whole host of haunted houses and other elements of my nightmares at the time, they’d set up a huge corn maze outside (the setting for any horrifying movie ever made) which you had to walk through in single file holding onto each other’s shoulders – in the dark. Along the way (inevitably) there were surprises to scare the living daylights out of you, including actors in costumes who would jump out at you and talk to you, with the aim of ending up in a house at the end – where I can’t really remember what happened to you because I’d run out of there screaming like the massive wimp I am (I ended up tripping over a hay bale and thinking my life had really come to an end). What a way to make you feel alive!

Choosing my costume

One year I went as Harry Potter (surprise, surprise) and was absolutely LOVING LIFE. Come on kids, dream big, you can be anything you want on Halloween.

reasons to love halloween

Concocting ghoulish cocktails

There’s no better excuse for a party than Halloween, and you know what no party can be without? Homemade cocktails! But this year, instead of hitting 1am and throwing together anything you have in the house that resembles something fruity, get prepared ahead of time with the ingredients to brew up these babies and you and your ghostly guests will be sipping away happily all night long.

I came across LemonAid on my trip to Hamburg this year and knew that I just had to work with their brand on something special – because not only are their line of Fairtrade drinks super yummy, but they are a charitable organisation that donate 5p per every bottle sold to supporting development aid projects. They make sure that drinking helps, and that’s pretty bloody cool. Wanna know more? Then click here.

reasons to love halloween

Paired with another recent love of mine, The Little Gin Box,  a monthly subscription service that – you guessed it – delivers tasters of new gins directly to your door, this called for whipping up some wicked drinks for the occasion.

So, here’s three super simple recipes for all you gin-lovers to get your tastebuds tingling this Hallows Eve!

reasons to love halloween

Zombie Brain Freeze


  1. A good handful of raspberries (approx 10-15 raspberries)
  2. A shot of Pinkster Raspberry Gin (makes a single glass, obvz chuck in more depending on how many are drinking!)
  3. A bottle of Lime LemonAid
  1. Squish up the raspberries with a wooden spoon in a cocktail shaker, add a shot of Pinkster and shake together with some ice.
  2. Strain into your choice of glass, with ice, and top up with Lime flavoured LemonAid.
  3. Garnish with raspberries and enjoy!

reasons to love halloween

Bloody Witches Brew
  1. A shot of Silent Pool Gin
  2. A bottle of Blood Orange LemonAid
  3. A dash or two of orange bitters (optional)


  1. Fill a glass with ice. Add gin and orange bitters.
  2. Top with Blood Orange LemonAid and gently stir. Garnish with spooky treats and serve.

reasons to love halloween

Passion Poison

(Inspired by this deliciousness)


  1. A shot of your choice of gin – any will work!
  2. 2 tsp sieved apricot jam
  3. A squeeze of lime
  4. A bottle of Passionfruit LemonAid


  1. Squish 2 tsp of apricot jam through a sieve into a glass (or up the dosage if serving more peeps) and add a shot of gin. Stir until the jam is pretty much dissolved.
  2. Top up with Passionfruit LemonAid and a squeeze of lime and throw in some ice.
  3. Stir to mix it all up and serve!

Easy peasy!

What’s your fave part of Halloween? Let me know below!

LemonAid and Little Gin Box products were sent complimentary to review, but all kind words my own.

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